ARTICLE: Muskegon Chronicle Covers the "Make College Affordable" Tour

October 2, 2012

Lynn Moore of the Muskegon Chronicle (and interviewed Mark on Monday, October 1st, to talk about the campaign, the issues, and Mark's ideas for keeping Michigan's public universities affordable, accessible, and exceptional.

"Bernstein has a list of ideas to help working families access the U-M. For example, he believes the university should leverage its AAA credit rating to offer low-interest student loans to its students. He says that could knock nearly $5,000 off the cost of tuition, which puts typical U-M students nearly $28,000 in debt.

"He also believes the university should offer lower tuition fees for classes that aren’t offered at peak times – such as early mornings, evenings, weekends and summers – to help address low facility and faculty utilization rates and make college more affordable especially to people who have to work while they attend college."

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